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E-commerce refers to the transaction of goods and services through online stores from businesses to consumers. If it’s correctly implemented, it can increase revenue, cut costs and improve efficiency.

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Features for growing a Successful Business

The shopping cart is a crucial component of every e-commerce store. Here, your clients save their goods so they can proceed with the checkout procedure.

Integrating logistics services enables seamless shipping as well as the provision of real-time courier updates and order tracking information to the retailer and the customer. Such openness in your interactions with your clients will increase their loyalty and trust.

There should be a variety of payment methods available in your e-commerce app. Our product covers Western mobile e-commerce app users who are used to paying with mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Samsung Pay etc. Most Asian users are accustomed to a payment method called “Cash on Delivery”.

The reports, which include comprehensive data on the orders, client database, and product reports in terms of catalogue, should be available as exports. It is quite helpful for assessing how the firm is growing.

You may engage with your consumers and solve their problems online by offering e-commerce customer support by chatbox, email, or phone.

One of the most vital features, this one makes sure that no sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, is ever retained and that all prepaid shipments go through a secure payment channel during checkout. Since they are not kept in a readable manner, the passwords are hashed. There should be SSL encryption on every online page. A variety of cutting-edge services are used to secure and protect the servers.

The panel supports the merchant in managing and supervising order fulfilment.

A quality eCommerce solution allows you the opportunity to integrate with a variety of payment gateways by not restricting your options to a predetermined number.

Our ecommerce products are compatible with all devices.

Ecommerce product content, such as the logo, banner, footer links, policies, and items, is managed via a content management system from the back end.

On the panel, there are options for sending and receiving timely updates about your orders. In this manner, a business can receive orders via the system and inform clients of their status.

Your hosting infrastructure should be able to scale as you get more and more traffic. A higher latency leads to drops in transaction rates and leads to a loss of marketing dollars.


Benefits of building a e-Commerce solution for your business


Sell quicker

The more details you provide about your products on your e-commerce application, the simpler and faster it will be for a lead to decide to buy. Remarketing to leads who have already visited your application via social media might help you stay top-of-mind.


Opportunities to upsell

Upselling to current consumers is simpler when they shop online. Since you already have their information, you can continue to add value by keeping in touch with them through newsletters, unique subscriber discounts, and special promotions after they've completed their purchase.


Organic growth

You may generate leads for free by optimizing your e-commerce product pages for search engine visibility. Enhance your site copy's image alt text, page headings, and keyword optimization.


Word of mouth

By enabling reviews and ratings of your items or services on your e-commerce application, you may turn happy customers into brand advocates. Positive client reviews on your social media pages can also be used to draw in leads.

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