Event Management Application

Our Application is an tool that makes it simple to create, manage, promote, and organise your event.


Event Application that will keep you enthralled

Event Application is an encyclopaedia of “What, When and Where” for the world of events, from entertainment, shopping, sports, dining, travelling, business, and many more. You can organize events or attend them, or choose to do both. It acts as a connecting link between event organizers and event seekers.

It is your gateway in your pocket to the world outside, waiting to be explored,shared and enjoyed.

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Event Application Features

It satisfies your event hunting like never before

Explore events based on your preferences, popularity, places that always bustle, your geographical radius, date & ticket price.

Pick a date, time, plan and number of seats and tap on‘Pay’ button.Booking an event via our event app will make your experience with that event seamless.

Add events to the wish list that you want to attend in future.

Earn points through various activities such as logging in, booking, checking-in, reviewing and sharing events.Redeem the points earned for enticing offers.

Key problems

The whole purpose of any event application is to make the event life cycle of an user easy.However, if the app itself possesses complexity and lacks user friendliness, it creates an additional task of making the user understand how to use it and becomes all the more difficult for an organizer to encourage its attendees to download the app.

Our Solution

It is a fact of life that people’s preferences vary across different user profiles – some prefer iphone, some Android and some others, their personal computers. Our Event application will meet all these requirements. It is so designed that even a minimum internet speed will be able to give users an unforgettable experience in terms of access speed and ease of use. The app is so designed that it will not demand too much of hardware resources such as storage space, RAM or chip speed.

App Screens

Presenting you the app screens of our Event Management Application