Staffing Solutions Software

Staffing Solutions Software enables Staffing Agency to automate business processes, reduce costs, and enhance employees' experience


All-in-one Online Staffing Solution

We have designed and developed an Online Solution for local services in the name of ‘Staffing Solutions Software’.

Staffing Solutions Software is an application to connect customers with service vendors in any industry. It address the difficulty of people in hiring local service experts by bridging the gap between service vendors and customers using technology.

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Top Features

Our Educational app features you need to know

Staff recruitment and allocation is made ease.

Easily manage and keep track of employee information.

Instant Updates via Mobile App for all

Applications for Attendance, On duties and other approvals processed digitally.

Scheduling and management is made easier.

Hassle free login with geo and time stamp.

Get Rid of Paperwork.Less paperwork required for the compliance process.

Get your Information at your finger-tips with ease.

Administration of staff is completely automated and hassle-free.


Modules for Staffing Solutions Software.


Admin Module

A console for admin to manage service vendors, customers, internal staffs,service categories, service flow and transactions.


Customer Module

An application for customers is to browse through the services and avail the preferred services at any time in a convenient way.


Staff Module

An application for the Staff is to register themselves, offer service to the requesting customers, view service history and update status of the assigned orders.

Key problems

The company manages a few hundred staffs across the country. Staffs visit several patients each day and manually fill out more than 10 different paper forms to record customer registrations etc.. The company’s day-to-day execution process was tedious, time-consuming, prone to errors, and exposed the company to potential security and non-compliance risks. Due to a lack of communication between field personnel and backend offices, support staff could not make informed decisions in case of schedule modifications.

Our Solution

The solution allows staffs to collect and feed real-time data directly to the Staffing Solutions Software. The team can then review reports and conduct any analysis in real-time, resulting in a comprehensive overview of services.The modules were customized rapidly to automate as per the customer’s unique business needs. Staffing Solutions Software team’s outstanding technical support enabled quick development and rapid implementation of modules quickly. The customer is now confident that the business can easily be scaled to add more Staffs to match the market size.

App Screens

Presenting you the app screens of our Staffing Solutions Software